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Bellevue is a city in Campbell County, Kentucky, located along the southern side of the Ohio River. Before it was founded, the area of present-day Bellevue was used for hunting, fishing, and tribal war by Native Americans including as the Illini, Miami, Shawnee, Cherokee, and Tuscarora. In 1745, a battle lasted for three days between the Shawnee, Miami, and Cherokees.

The city was named after Gen. James Taylor's plantation, who was the Quartermaster Gen. of the western U.S. Army during the War of 1812. The name Bellevue was repurposed from the General's family plantation in Virginia. Bellevue translates from French as "beautiful view." James Taylor's father bought 2,700 acres of Northern Kentucky land from his contemporary George Muse, which had been partly awarded to him for his service in the French and Indian War. Taylor was one of the wealthiest men in the state of Kentucky- his estate was worth more than $4 million. Today, his home stands as the oldest house in the East Row, the second-largest local district in Kentucky.


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