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Proximity to nature gives Bratislava, Slovaki's capital city, its identity and flavor. The Danube winds through the city, and bountiful cycle paths can be found just outside the city. Meanwhile, the Small Carpathians are a mere half-hour walk from the station; the trailer to a mountainous extent that runs throughout the country, with few signs of human civilisation. Then there's ski runs and vineyards to visit and enjoy.

The charming old town is the place to start in Bratislava. Meander through the narrow pedestrian streets of pastel 18th-century buildings or sample a sidewalk cafe with views of the city castle, which dates back to medieval times. In with the new(er) city find intriguing socialist-era architecture, and one of Eastern Europe's most impressive modern art museums. Contrasts like this make up Bratislava's appeal.

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