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About Concord, CA

Situated right in the middle of formerly prime agricultural land, Concord was once known for growing grapes, walnuts, almonds and other produce. Today, its robust farmer's market reflects the remaining agriculture in the area, but Concord has also developed a reputation as a great place to live just 30 miles from San Francisco.

The Community of Concord

Concord's downtown area is located on the west side of the city, with most of the residential areas to the north and east. Downtown has been renovated to attract residents, adding high-density living spaces to an area with the huge Todo Santos Plaza for concerts, activities, and several fun restaurants and shops. Far north, the area around the former Naval Weapons Station is being reworked but still maintains an industrial feel.

What to Do in Concord

Take a walk along the Contra Costa Canal Trail, a multi-use paved pathway that winds around many of Concord's parks and connects to more challenging hiking trails. Nearly 7 miles of path are in Concord, while up to 13 more miles take you through neighboring communities. Rent a bike if you prefer and keep an eye out for local birds and wildlife.

Built in 1856, the Galindo House is an early Victorian ranch house still standing and open as a museum. Because the home was occupied until just 20 years ago, restoration to its original state is ongoing through the efforts of the Concord Historical Society. The 1.5-acre gardens are a lovely place to relax and enjoy in the heart of the city. Typically, the museum is only open on Sunday afternoons or by appointment. 

With more than 30 water slides and attractions, Six Flags Hurricane Harbor is a fun place to cool off and get some thrills. Billed as the largest water park in Northern California, Hurricane Harbor has rides for kids, families and thrillseekers alike. 

One Place You Shouldn't Miss in Concord

The Todos Santos Plaza is the heart of Concord, complete with a playground and picnic tables. Encompassing all of a large city block, the Plaza takes its name from the original moniker of the area, Todos Santos, and is where regular concerts and festivals take place. Nearby parking garages are free to encourage you to spend more time amid the bars, restaurants and stores that surround the plaza. Don't miss Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, where you can meander around the farmer's market.

Dining in Concord

Plate & Vine, a California-style restaurant that prides itself on using primarily fresh and local ingredients, is tucked away inside the Concord Hilton, but is worth a stop for its menu of appetizers, handmade pizzas and local wine list. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

If a craft beer or two sounds like a good plan, check out Concord's Craft Beer Trail. With stops at four breweries-slash-brewpubs, you'll get to sample some of the area's best hop-based beverages with unique takes on traditional pub food.

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