Hurricane Ida Resources


National is highly experienced in disaster response housing and is ready to help those impacted by Hurricane Ida.

If you are a current National guest in an affected area whose housing has been disrupted by the Hurricane, please contact our support center for immediate assistance.

If you are a company or individual needing accommodation in the affected areas, National can offer hotels, houses, and furnished apartments. Please reach out to our sales team for immediate assistance.

With multiple properties located in the impacted areas, we are prepared to help house not only guests and customers, but also first responders, adjusters, and policyholders who need to be stationed in the affected areas as a result of the Hurricane. National can provide insurance housing, as well as temporary living accommodations in hotels, apartments, single-family homes, condos, and mobile housing to displaced people and pets.

National will continue to provide 24/7 service in the impacted areas through both our local and nation-wide teams. We have deployed a dedicated emergency event response team to quickly respond to the needs of our current guests, new customers, first responders, adjusters, and policyholders immediate accommodation solutions.

We hope everyone, you, and your colleagues are safe during this storm.

Support Center Hours:

Houston Team: 713.460.0127, 8 am - 5pm CST

Emergency Team: 877.841.4447, 5pm - 8am CST