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Legend has it that Krakow was established on the defeat of a dragon, and to this day, a mythical air permeates its the city's streets and squares.

Wawel Castle is a major attraction, and Old Town contains lofty churches, awe-inspiring museums and the vast Rynek Głowny, Europe’s biggest market square. In the former Jewish sector of Kazimierz, remnant synagogues reflect the tragedy of WWII, just as its lively squares and backstreets symbolise the renewal of the 21st century. Old Town has hundreds of restaurants, bars and clubs.

However, there’s more to Krakow than history and nightlife. Walking through Old Town, you’re likely to be overwhelmed by the zen of a quiet back street, the particular feel of the architecture and light. In these moments Krakow shows its harmonious blend of past and present.

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