Three Ways Corporate Housing is a More Sustainable Way to Stay

Published By Amber Smith December 15, 2022


As business travel picks up and employees are reskilling and upskilling on short-term assignments, the ease of a corporate apartment is the way to go. First of all, it's hard to beat the cost-effectiveness of corporate housing. Then, throw in the extra space and more home-like environment that corporate apartments offer over hotel rooms.

But, if your organization – and your travelers – are seeking lodging that also meets the sustainability test, corporate apartments win hands down. Here are three ways corporate housing is a more sustainable way to stay for your next travel assignment.


woman wiping down surface in apartment

The comfort of cleanliness.

Post-pandemic travelers have raised the bar of expectaions when it comes to cleanliness. Researchers in a Stockton University study found that before COVID, 78% of hotel guests agreed that cleanliness played a major role in their perception of a property. Since COVID, however, "This percentage is expected to grow as cleanliness is no longer just about hygiene but also safety. For guests to feel comfortable traveling again, they need to believe they will be safe," the writers noted.

They want to live and work in spaces free of airborne viruses, or infections spread through touch. During a typical hotel stay, numerous random employees might be part of the cleaning team, exposing the traveler to even more potential risk.

Not so in corporate apartments. There, units are fully cleaned and sanitized between guests. Guests can choose the frequency they want their apartment cleaned, if at all, during their stay. Corporate apartments give travelers the comfort of knowing that their living space is safe and clean.


woman drinking green smoothie in apartment

Housing with the environment top of mind.

Today's business travelers have priorities beyond their own comfort, and environmental stewardship is among the most important. A 2022 study by the Global Business Travel Association found that 77% of business travelers say reducing their carbon footprint is a moderate or top priority.

An earlier 2022 GBTA study of 762 global corporate travel managers and suppliers found that while there is clear recognition of the need to address climate change (88% of respondents), only 42% have integrated sustainability into their corporate travel policies.

We at National are proud to be among that group. One of the key steps we've taken is partnering with LEED-certified properties to fulfill our rapidly expanding demand for corporate housing. These are facilities that have successfully achieved the US Green Building Council's rigorous criteria, no easy feat. Securing LEED certification is a statement to your eco-conscious business travelers that their temporary homes share their values for environmental stewardship.


man adjusting temperature of apartment

Sustainability in the traveler's hands.

Corporate housing extends environmental consciousness into the small things too. "The average home causes more air pollution than the average car," according to sustainability advocate Earth Easy. Lowering our carbon footprint comes through the accumulation of many small actions, ones that are easily accessible while living in a corporate apartment.

For example, most of National's corporate housing partners actively promote recycling and wise waste management. In their properties, guests can access nearby recycling bins and, in many locations, front-door recycling pickup services. And there's more. Things like electrical vehicle charging stations. Water-saving washing machines and dishwashers. Energy-efficient refrigerators. Smart devices that automatically adjust room temps and lighting.

Since guests have in-apartment washers and dryers, they can choose eco-friendly laundry products and control the frequency they do laundry to save energy. Apartments come furnished with kitchen ware that reduces throw-away paper products and waste. The list goes on.


Sustainable corporate housing starts here.

Sustainability is at the core of National's business mission. That's why earlier this year, we joined the United Nations Global Compact initiative — a voluntary leadership platform for the development, implementation and disclosure of responsible business practices.

If you are seeking temporary corporate housing that checks all the boxes – cost-efficient, comfortable, clean and environmentally conscious – National can help. Learn how our eco-friendly apartments can make anyone feel at home.

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