The single most important factor to consider when choosing a housing provider for your mobility and relocation requirements.

When finding the right provider for a managed relocation program, several factors need to be considered for a smooth end-to-end experience. These include consistent housing and service quality, standard process and billing procedures, and localized support—no matter how large a mobility program is, whether it’s local, national or international.

Housing providers that service the needs of relocation companies or directly to HR departments each come with their own approach and capability. Some choose the high-level approach acting as brokers to various providers within their greater network. However, with such a low-touch model there is little to no quality control or service standard. They might seem large on their webpage, but in reality might only have a single call center to support relocating employees, and no local presence. On the other side of the spectrum there are those who operate purely in a contained region, where they sacrifice the size of their network and service area for a higher touch approach and stronger network of service providers. The former operates on a larger scale, and the latter at a smaller.

However both lack the ability to do both—simply put, they lack scalability, or the ability to deliver consistent service and customer experience at both a high and local level as per the needs of the client. The local approach forfeits the ability to leverage a large network to provide both high-quality and affordable product and service options—and the larger, decentralized approach lacks the ability to maintain quality and service standards.

At National Corporate Housing, our vision and approach has always been geared towards having the capacity to service our clients’ needs globally, nationally, and/or locally, all while maintaining a consistently high standard of quality and service, supported by local resources and a high level of touch points with the customer. With our global positioning and award winning service, our model delivers consistently exceptional experiences for relocating employees and their families every time, anywhere. That is our scale-ability.

Without question, a managed employee housing program saves time and resources, and delivers value through a strong provider network and industry expertise. Temporary housing providers act as a specialized arm of the business, and save the parent from needless in-house overhead. Transferring or relocating employees are able to focus on the demands of a new job or position rather than devote time and energy coordinating all of the complexities that come with a move. By offering global relocation programs as a benefit to employees (inclusive of temporary furnished housing, destination services, rental assistance, travel services and global talent management), employers increase the strength of their brand and employee loyalty.