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Sierra Vista, AZ is a city located in Cochise County, Arizona and as of the 2010 census, the city was home to 43,888 residents. The city of Sierra Vista is part of the larger Sierra Vista-Douglas Metropolitan Area which, as of the 2010 census is home to 131,346 residents. Sierra Vista is located in the southwestern part of Cochise County and is bordered on the northwest by the much smaller town of Huachuca City. Sierra Vista is located about 75 miles southeast of the city of Tuscon, Arizona and is the main commercial, social, cultural, and recreational hub located in Cochise County.  Sierra Vista can expect dry weather in the spring and fall with cool to cold winters with occasional to rare hard frosts. Summertime ends up beginning dry but gets wetter as monsoon season as summer wears on. July & August are the months where the most torrential rains are possible and can at times be quite dangerous. Arizona will see about half of their total rainfall in just the two months of July & August alone. Snow is not a common sight in Sierra Vista, however, at times the city can get several inches of snow throughout a winter. 

Sierra Vista is also considered the "Hummingbird Capital" of the US as the area tends to see a lot of bird life, especially at its nearby Ramsey Canyon Preserve, which is a location that bird watchers from around the world flock to in order to see the best wildlife the area has to offer. The nearby town of Fort Huachuca is also home to a US Army post that has been historic to the city's military history and is still an active post until it was annexed in 1971.

Corporate and Relocation Housing In Sierra Vista, AZ

National Corporate Housing can provide you with temporary housing in the city of Sierra Vista to meet your short-term needs while you visit Sierra Vista on a temporary business assignment. The residence will come fully furnished with everything you need to make your stay comfortable as possible. We will provide full amenities ranging from high-speed internet to a washer and dryer unit so you can do your own laundry while you are staying with us. National Corporate Housing even offers some of our residences with fitness facilities that are located nearby. Some residences may also be able to accommodate pets. 

For more information on using National Corporate Housing for your housing needs while you are working in the Sierra Vista region contact us today or simply fill out a request.  

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