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Tracy, CA

If you are "thinking inside the Triangle," you might be in Tracy, Calif. Known as the Triangle because of its location where Interstate 5, 205 and 580 come together, this city of about 90,000 boasts a location convenient to the Bay Area. Tracy started as a stop along the railroad, gained popularity as an agricultural community and today offers commuters to San Jose and San Francisco a comfortable suburban area to call home.

The Community of Tracy

Tracy offers reasonable -- at least, by California standards -- real estate prices in a town with lovely parks, good schools and a comfortable climate. As such, it's not chock-ful of high-end entertainment, but it does make for a good place to live either permanently or temporarily. The most popular living area is the Carbona/Lyoth neighborhood south of the downtown area.

What to Do in Tracy

The Grand Theatre for the Performing Arts is the cultural heart of Tracy, and it's a fantastic venue with great acoustics for intimate concerts, dance performances and plays. The Theatre is also home to an extensive list of arts classes for all levels, from kids to seniors.

Tracy's history as an agricultural community is still evident in the nearby vineyards that produce quality wines. Tour some of the local wineries, sample their best bottles and enjoy their beautiful grounds. Family-owned Ramon Rios Winery in the Tracy Hills offers $10 tastings on weekends, or the Windmill Ridge Winery holds special dinners and live music accompanied by their wines.

One Place You Shouldn't Miss in Tracy

If you enjoy wildlife or need a place to get back to nature, check out the Carnegie State Vehicular Recreation Area. While it's best known as an area for motorcycles and off-road vehicles, the CSVRA is also home to many types of birds, deer, elk and even bobcats. Camp if you like or use the motocross track and kids tracks. Never ridden an ATV before? Try a tour from Enjoy the Mountain, which offers off-roading adventures for newbies to the sport.

Dining in Tracy

Bistro 135 is easy to overlook -- it's nothing fancy on the outside -- but this small restaurant offers a menu with pizza, pasta and numerous vegetarian and vegan options. Enjoy an upscale meal of bison short ribs or pan-seared salmon, or try a side order of parmesan garlic zucchini or wood-fired pizza.

Featured on the Food Network, Squeeze Burger has almost a cult following for its specialty burgers with a "cheese skirt" and sandwiches. It can be challenging to find a seat in this tiny restaurant, but it's worth it for what's known as one of America's best burgers.

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