House Rules

No pets are permitted in your apartment. 

All apartments are smoke-free. 


  • Quiet Hours are between 10pm-6am
  • Overnight guests are not permitted
  • Do not give anyone or let anyone borrow your keys/fobs/remotes 

National Corporate Housing reserves the right of entry to the apartment (s) by authorized representatives for the purpose of inspection, establishment of order, repairs, maintenance, inventory correction, extermination, cleaning, or in case of emergency or other reasonable purposes.

Apartments are an extension of company property; please note that housing inspections may occur on a monthly basis. Please be courteous to your roommates and our staff by cleaning up after yourself. Each resident is expected to keep his/her apartment clean and orderly. Each property has a trash room/area. Occupants are responsible for depositing trash from your apartment into the trash room.  

National Corporate Housing shall not be liable for any damages to or loss of personal property in the common areas, outdoor areas, room(s), storage facilities, or mailboxes assigned. Occupants are strongly advised to arrange for insurance coverage of property brought on property. Occupants are jointly and severally liable for all damage that is caused to the room(s) or any furniture/furnishings/fixture therein. Occupants are liable for the cost of repairing damage to the room(s) and building in case of fire, smoke, etc., if caused in violation of this agreement. Removal of common area or common use furniture, equipment, fixtures, or other National Corporate Housing property is forbidden. Your room will be inspected for damages prior to move in. Should you notice any damages upon your arrival, you must complete and submit a damage report within 4 hours of receiving your keys. Otherwise, you will be responsible for the cost of any repairs for damages upon move out. Fees for damages to the common area in a multi-suite unit will be distributed between all occupants, unless otherwise agreed upon in writing between occupants. Additionally, failure to clean or remove trash from your room upon checkout, will also incur cleaning fees. 

National Corporate Housing will not be liable for any items left, damaged, lost, or stolen from storage areas, lockers, or parking areas.

Before moving out, all occupants are required to remove all refuse and discarded materials, leaving the rooms clean, and furnished with the original furnishings. Refrigerators and stoves must be emptied and cleaned. All charges for additional cleaning required, for removal of personal property, and for any loss or damage caused by the resident(s), will be billed equally to the occupants. Belongings left behind upon move-out will be considered abandoned and will be disposed of by the National Corporate Housing with no liability. 

Dangerous substances and chemicals including, but not limited to, automobile batteries, gasoline, acids, and similar materials are prohibited. Fireworks and weapons, including, but not limited to pistols, rifles, BB guns, paint pellet guns, handbills, nun chucks, switchblades, explosives, ammunition, and dangerous and/or combustible chemicals (including candles and incense) are not permitted in the apartments at any time. The use, possession, or distribution of narcotics or illegal drugs is strictly prohibited. 

By submitting a roommate application, you agree to the following: 

  • I understand that all housing is in multiple-occupancy apartments and realize that I will be sharing a bedroom with another intern.
  • I understand that specific room-type requests cannot be guaranteed.
  • I have read the Frequently Asked Questions and House Rules.